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The evolution of audience generation have changed how brands engage with their customers, relevance has now become the key

Millennials Ultimate Key: Relevance

They say content is King. But we say, context is KING KONG. Many research and studies from abroad and local proved that when we put relevance onto a brand content, it significantly generates empathy and belonging to its audience. This is what made us believe in the first place about collaborating brands with creators. It is not to harm the content made by the face of the creators with hard-selling brand message, but to put context towards the message itself. This is what proven successfully gain multiple brand metrics to our brand partners.

Massive Work Requires Massive Team

We equip ourselves to serve multiple industries, to enable various brands in engaging with our network of creators. However, we believe that having a person is not enough. Therefore, through our years of experience and leadership, we dare to be challenged by brands and marketers who want to take the next level and change the game plan through content.

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